Frequently asked questions

Yes, the net carbs in our products is mostly D-ribose

Yes, our products have a very low glycemic index. This is due to the specific sweetener combination we use

Our nutbutters and chocolates are.

In our spread pastes we use ghee (clarified butter filtered from milk proteins and milk sugars)

These are suitable for people with lactose intolerance, but not for people with lactose allergies because of potential traces.
The caramel spread is made with fresh cream. This is not suitable for people with lactose intolerance and not suitable for people with lactose allergies.

Yes, all of our products are

Only our 100% chocolate range.
We use collagen to support the functioning of our own collagen metabolism in other products.

Our products are best stored in the dark, in a room temperature environment

Our collagen complex consists of :

  • Type I ( marine)
  • Type II ( bovine cartilage)
  • Type I & III ( Bovine)
  • Type V & X ( eggshell membrane)
– We avoid plastic, if we need a look-a-like plastic (like our chocolate bar pouch) we use plastic made from corn which is compostable
– Our chocolate packaging is paper based (sleeve and chocolat box)
– Stickers used on packaging are printed on plant based cane paper
– We buy our cocoa beans together with colleagues through our supplier to reduce the CO2 emissions
– No plastic jars are used, only glass

Our products are available at one of our distributors 

Contact our support team at [email protected] or find your nearest distributor here

Contact our support team at [email protected]

The art of creating a gastronomic artisan product in combination with metabolically friendly ingredients is our passion.
Nutritional technology which supports the body and is accessible to a large audience.

Your product may have been exposed to slightly colder temperatures for a few days while your order was being shipped. Because of this, it can take several days for our gastronomic products to fully manifest.

Our spreads are processed in the same way as chocolate as opposed to well-known elastic conventional spreads.
These unique processes allow them to be used in many more applications than conventional pastes.
We made a video to show the texture and spreadability at room temperature.