What is a nutritional state of ketosis ?

Ketosis is the native state of the body when you are born. By keeping carbohydrate intake limited, the liver will produce ketones and use this as the main fuel source. This is the same process our ancestors followed. Ketone bodies are made either from external sources (food) or internal sources (body fat). After a few weeks of adaptation, Mitochondria – which are considered the  cell’s energy generators – are ready to process this super fuel. Use of this fuel lowers the amount of free radicals in the body, increases ATP (energy) production, can improve cognitive functions, longevity and also lead to weight loss.

creation of ketones

When liver glycogen is depleted after 24h, the liver starts to create ketone bodies but the body (mitochondria) is still inefficient in using this super fuel because the machinery (enzymes) has not been setup yet to do so.

fat adaption

After this physical upgrade, the body starts to prefer ketones over glucose. Your blood sugar will stabilize at healthier levels, ketones will raise and  you will become insulin sensitive . You need glucose, but your body can make its own glucose (sugar) through a process called ‘gluconeogenesis’ by using amino acids (protein) and converting them into glucose.

Flexible Metabolism

After a longer period of time you will be so fat adapted that you can switch easily between gears ( lipolysis/glycolysis). Once a broken metabolism is fixed,  your body’s engine can now use both fuel sources in an efficient way. This stage is more important than being in ketosis all the time.

You want this stage.

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