The story behind The Inca

The voyage started in 1996 when a teacher asked a 6-year-old class, “What would you like to become in the future“?
Every student shared their ideas, but only one said “I want to become a pastry chef” : Vincent Bulteel.

Since the age of 12, he stayed true to the idea of becoming a pastry chef and went to pastry college ‘ Ter Groene Poorte’ in Bruges, Belgium.
At the age of 15, Vincent worked in several pastry shops around his hometown Ostend.

Travelling like a nomad

Upon finishing college, he went to Amsterdam (The Netherlands) where he started his career as a pastry chef. After a short while Vincent started to work with Puratos in Groot-Bijgaarden (back to Belgium again).

Traveling like a nomad, with the idea of not having any attachments, has always felt liberating for him.
At Puratos, some of his college friends had the title of ‘Compagnon du devoir’ and they recommended this to Vincent, especially with his love for travel.

This life style allowed him to connect with different cultures and to live together in a closed community where everyone was watching out over each other.
Companions sleep in mansions of the companions all around France and beyond.
Because Vincent always had the feeling that his education was lacking updates, he decided to restart his whole pastry training all over again but now in a completely different education system:

  • More connected
  • More sincere
  • More grounded/down to earth

Vincent joined ‘Les compagnons du devoir’ in 2011.

Working/training everywhere

Besides his work and training with the Companions in 2011, Vincent has worked in/with :

  • Bakken met Passie – Amsterdam ( 2008 pastry)
  • Puratos – Groot Beigaarden (2010 Demostration)
  • De Baere – Sint Lambrechts Woluwe (2012 Pastry)
  • ‘Alexandre’ Garons (2012 – 2 Michelin star restaurant)
  • Hotel Imperator – Nimes (2013 Executive pastry chef)
  • Saint Clair le Traiteur – Paris (2014 Pastry)
  • ENSP – Ysingeaux (2015 Pastry)
  • AOCDTF – Bordeaux (2016 Teacher, pastry classes)
  • Pastry Consultant 2017
  • Birth of Inca’cao 2018

At the end of this work and training Vincent received the title of ‘Compagnon Du Devoir’ .
He therefore had to create a masterpiece/chef d’oeuvre and succeeded. Out of the 100 students who started this training, only four of them completed it.


After his experience in Paris, he went to Bordeaux where he had to look out for 40 ‘younger brother and sisters’ in the Companion community.

In 2015 Vincent went to  ‘Ecole Nationale Supérieure de la Pâtisserie’ ( ENSP) in Château Montbarnier – Yssingeaux to assist his ‘Pastry Chef Idols’. This one year experience opened the door to nourish his creative body even furthur.

Here, Vincent started to realize the importance of a teacher in society. He went back to Bordeaux and started as a full-time teacher in The Companions. He empowered his students with useful tools to upgrade their performance besides the pastry classes. From meditation practices and ‘power-naps’ with the students to updating their mental and physical view on the world.
He quickly understood that the teaching itself was less important than giving his students insight in optimizing their own functioning.

Dancing, Music & Nutrition

At the age of 6 Vincent also played the piano, like he says himself  ’emotions need to be expressed, piano is a constructive way of doing so’.

In 2017 Vincent wanted to connect deeper with people and started to learn a tribe dance Kizomba.
An African tango that allows people to connect profoundly with another person.

Upon wondering “What am I doing to improve the world?” Vincent noticed he was feeding people glucose, fructose and spiking insulin…with his pastry. Obsessed by nutrition, Vincent became a certified Nutrition and Health consultant.

After the numerous enterprises, competitions,  and schools,  Vincent wanted to reach a much larger audience.
In 2018 he finally decided to become a small entrepreneur and started to build out his playground Inca’cao.

Why Inca ?

Because Vincent always has been a nomad through traveling both outside and within himself.

It all started to make sense.

Through this tribe dance Kizomba that connects people, through self-expression by creating his piano music, through the ancestral way of eating: the use of ketone bodies in the blood as the primary fuel source and of course through nature.

He realised an important lesson: When you feed yourself and other people with non-physical food through connecting with them, through education, through creativity, one can start to see this as nourishment for all theses different bodies, not just the physical one, life starts to get more enjoyable by unleashing its full potential for all involved.

Inca’cao is a Tribe, a home for personal development, an enjoyable way to educate, evolve your personal beliefs, a way of living.
It’s a place where the employees keep growing, where they connect to each other and forget the difference between work and play.

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